Is It Really Rude to Wear Your Hat Indoors? The Internet Weighs In.

There are some rules for polite society that make sense, or that at least make sense when you view them in the light of the world where they came into existence. But no hats inside?

Weird, right?

I have no idea where or how it started (but I’m off to Google in a minute), but this Redditor is way ahead of us – he’s demanding people explain why it’s considered rude to wear a hat inside in public.

There is no objective reason for why wearing a hat indoors is rude.
by inunpopularopinion

Let’s read through some answers, eh?

15. This blows my mind.

Years ago I was out to lunch with my family at a Houlihans in New York. Very casual establishment. My dad was going through a weird thing with his hair where he would get bald spots in random places so he wore a hat. Manager comes over and tells my dad to take off his hat.

My dad explained that he needs to wear the hat (he fibbed a bit) but the manager starts demanding that if he doesn’t take off the hat we would have to leave. We left because we all thought that was bull.

Pretty weird how they’d rather you not wear a hat than eat at the restaurant.

14. Not so easy in the modern world.

My teacher told my class that it was because people could hide guns under their hats…I live in Canada and was 8 years old at the time.

Maybe if you wore a stovepipe, but I don’t think you are fitting a glock into a baseball cap or a toque and still have room for your head.

But I also live in Canada and they would say it’s because of gang outfits or some bs. I lived in a town of 30k and basically the entire town is elderly. Idk what gangs they thought we had.

13. Think about that.

Most clothing-related etiquette is socially constructed.

Heck, wearing clothes at all is, “objectively” speaking, unnecessary in most cases.

12. That’s a new one.

Also Canadian, I was constantly getting in shit at school for wearing hats. I would just forget to take then off when I came indoors. Got sent to the principal’s office in high school.

I asked him why I’m not allowed to wear a ball cap in school and his response was “it blocks your view of God”.

11. It’s a personal preference.

Man what do people have against hats. My whole family on the guys side low key always wear hats because we all go prematurely bald. It’s like an untold rule.

My work let’s me get away with wearing beanies because it’s cold in the basement but I really miss my comfy Nike cap that doesn’t make me look like I’ve been through a wind tunnel after wearing it.

10. There’s a time and place for everything.

You have a point.

For something like a baseball hat or beanie there really isn’t an objective reason.

However, I’d rather not sit behind a 10-gallon Stetson in class or at a movie theater.

Interesting opinion though.

9. Technically.

I think we should take a moment to recognise that nothing can be considered objectively rude.

All perception of manners is subjective and culturally contextual.

8. You don’t want people to think you’re dirty.

This practice was one of hygiene. Historically hats were worn to keep sun and rain off you while you worked outside. As result hats were covered with dirt and sweat. When a worker or soldier came in from outside. Before you sat down to eat you brushed the Dirt off your clothes. Took off your hat and washed your hands and face before you sat down.

People who didn’t take their hat off were considered unclean and by extension rude to the person who was preparing the meal.

Today it is a sign of respect to the family or business you are entering to remove your hat.

7. And your point?

whenever we wore hats inside the class, the teachers yells at us to stop cause only the queen elizabeth can wear a hat indoors, i live in bulgaria

6. Living in the now.

When I had reached grade 10 or 11 my high school actually got rid of that rule and you could freely wear a hat as long as the national anthem wasn’t playing, you were in the hallways or a common area, or the teacher whos room you were in allowed you to.

But you were required to remove it anywhere if asked by a staff member so you could show them your whole face and head, simply for identification reasons. I thought these rules were fair.

I agree though that it has no good reasoning as to why its considered rude in our modern society.

5. That’s the way it’s always been.

Your grandmother removes her hat in church because it would block the view of the people behind her. Your grandfather removes his hat when he prays because he believes his head should be uncovered while speaking with a higher power. Your father removes his hat because his father always did. Your aunt hangs up your uncle’s hat and coat to welcome him home. Your landscaper removes his hat because it’s dirty. Your classmates remove their hats so the teacher can see their faces.

They are all removing their hats out of respect: Respect for others, respect for their religion, respect for their elders, or respect for their host. That’s why not removing your hat is generally seen as disrespectful.

That being said, you also have the freedom to wear your hat however and wherever you like and not give a shit whether people think you’re rude or disrespectful, but that does tend to make you an a$$hole.

4. Good teachers get it.

My senior year I moved to a much larger school where hats were alright to wear.. it was a great rule I completely took advantage of. Headphones were a no-go though, which, I had found a decent work around with a beanie and a set of wrap around Motorola Bluetooth headphones. This was early Bluetooth days, low profile wasn’t easy to find.

Funny thing, I ended up having to move closer to the end of the school year and had a teacher who was pretty cool with our class. I ended up revealing my secret to her and she was totally blown away with my resourcefulness because she thought she was pretty sharp at finding headphones by walking the room every so often to look for cords. I was cheesing so hard that last day.

3. Not actually disrespectful.

They remove their hats because an effect of wearing their hats could be disrespectful.

But you wearing a baseball cap in the mall does not and create any such effect and should not be considered disrespectful.

People should not pull pointless notions of disrespect out of thin air.

2. There really isn’t a reason.

Well when I wear a hat it’s because I didn’t feel like doing my hair. Then I proceed to get hat hair. So taking off my hat would be showing my unkempt hair, I have curly hair and it does all sorts of crazy shit when not properly groomed.

Give me a good reason why anybody should care that I’m wearing a baseball hat inside, other than “traditionally it’s rude.” Which imo isn’t a real reason.

1. The rules are arbitrary, but they pretty much always are.

This entire thread is a series of weird twists and turns.

My view: The rudeness of wearing a hat indoors is entirely subjective. If a private business says no hats, it’s no hats.

As concerns the second item, as long as a business is not discriminating someone based on one of the protected classes, they can pretty much make up any rules they want. Whether it’s taking off hats or requiring masks, etc.

I have to say, if you want to wear a hat and your host hasn’t made their opinion know, wear a hat.

Life’s too short, am I right?