Is It Weird To Sleep Under Thick Covers With The Ceiling Fan On High?

I think that, deep down, we all recognize that humans are strange and intricate beings, each different but, at our cores, very similar.

We all do things that might seem weird, I suppose, but we want to know that nothing’s really wrong with us for doing it – which is why forums like Reddit’s “No Stupid Question” really exist.

In this one, OP confesses to sleeping under a pile of blankets with the fan on to keep the room from feeling “stuffy,” and wonders whether or not he’s alone.

Anyone else keep their fan on but sleep under a mound of covers?
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Let’s see what these 12 replies have to say, hmm?

12. Whatever works, I guess?

I have tinnitus. What’s weird is that if there is a fan on or some type of white noise, I often hear music abd wgat sounds like on old radio turned low and not quite on a station . I’m not hearings songs I’ve hear before either. Quite often it’s just a electric guitar or funky electric base playing something that sounds cool, but I’m not able to remember it or even repeat it. Perhaps bc I don’t actually play those instruments. Lol.

Other times I hear Big Band or swing music or what sounds like a jingle on a commercial. There are times where its not actually music. I’ve heard Skip Cary doing a sportscasts and while I can’t hear the exact words, I sort of make them out “ and it’s a long fly ball to center field!”. Also have heard the tones and rhythms of what sounds like a Southern Baptist preacher.

Thought I might be going crazy but the voices aren’t talking to me. Again, I can hear it’s not clears. One doc told me it was called Musical Hallucinations. Another doc suspects it a combination of my tinnitus and ADHD. My brain has trouble quieting down at night and I’m pulling this auditory hallucinations from old files in brain. Yeah- it’s weird and I don’t usually tell people.

11. Some people suggested it’s the noise, not the air, that helps.

been playing white noise on my phone recently it is great for sleeping, do you have a machine?

If you have an Echo Dot, there are all kinds of “colored” noise options. Our household favorite is brown noise.

10. Pluses and minuses.

I’ve lived next to busy intersections in apartments for the last 12 years. Even my parent’s house growing up was near downtown and blocks from a major hospital, could always hear the interstate, sirens, the helicopter going in to the hospital.

Last year they moved to a tiny mountain town and live outside of it, in the middle of the woods in a subdivision with maybe 5 houses on more than that acreage, remote. I stayed there for christmas and the first night there, despite being exhausted, I couldn’t sleep, it was so goddamn quiet. I resorted to watching YouTube on my phone while I slept.

Though the side effect of growing up and living like that is I sleep like I’m dead, I don’t wake up for shit.

9. Who doesn’t love sleeping to the sound of the rain?

Hey google, play rain sounds

It will literally play infinitely until you tell it to stop

Get a google home mini for your bedside table and it’ll do this for you every night

Yes, it can play all sorts of white noise – rain, streams, beach, fan… you name it

8. That might not work out.

Same I have three fans on at night because I like the white noise.

My girlfriend hates them tho, she prefers a dark completely silent room to sleep in, so I tell her she’s a psychopath

7. That’s the way some people like to roll.

That’s the best way to sleep! Cold room with a mountain of blankets. I wouldn’t have it any other way.

6. Another potential sleep solution.

I’ve heard of weighted blankets but never really understood them. Until my grandma gave me hers and it’s like my entire life has changed. Though it’s funny because when I go get MRIs (I think that’s what I get I’m not sure) they put this weighted thing on top of me and I have to breathe in and out so many times.

Well, the weighted things is just liked my weighted blanket so as soon as it’s on top of me I can’t help but get super sleepy. Which screws up the breathing part and the techs always get irritated because I have to re start the whole process (sometimes twice). I feel bad but I can’t help it lmao

5. Aren’t roommates fun?

My roommate does this in -25c weather, however he doesn’t block the bottom of the door so it freezes out the rest of the house and he has the nerve to b%*ch about the heating bill it drives me nuts.

4. There’s a reason those things are bestsellers.

My bedroom oscillating fan runs from the time it leaves its box until the time it goes in the dumpster. Summer, Winter, doesn’t matter. Since I’ve been married, we’re on fan #3.

I also have an oscillating fan in my basement that has the same life cycle. The basement fans seem to be a little more robust, since I’m only on basement fan #2.

So it can reasonably be inferred that oscillating fans are at least mildly afraid of heights.

3. What a description.

yes. i need at least a fan on at all times, or else the room feels both suffocating and the quiet is like.. physically painful somehow. but i need enough blankets too for the right amount of warmth and weight, i always end up hiding underneath them though

Grew up next to a busy road and listening to the cars pass by my house was the background noise I needed. When I moved somewhere quieter I had to use a fan or I couldn’t fall asleep.

2. We all need a routine.

I’ve got tinnitus so my settling down to sleep routine consists of switching my sound machine to birds, picking a soundscape, queuing murderpodcasts, pointing the fan and then crawling between the oversized pillow and weighted blanket.

It’s honestly so ridiculous but it works really well.

I pity whoever ends up sharing a bed with me and dread summer when it’ll be too hot to sleep without weight.

1. The sounds of home.

My mom used to work from home as a medical transcriptionist. We had a tiny apartment, and her computer was right outside my bedroom door. I used to ask every night before bed if she’d stay up to type for a while. That white noise plus knowing she was right there helped me fall asleep.

Now I have TV reruns and my fan to fill that void.

I don’t know anyone who can sleep in a hot room, to be honest.

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