Is She Wrong for Telling Her Niece She Can Leave Her House? People Responded.

You break the rules, you leave.

Sounds pretty simple, right?

Well, in theory, it does, but you and I both know that things can get complicated when family is involved.

Take a look at this woman’s story and see if you think she was out of line for what she said to her niece.

AITA telling my niece she can leave after she went against the rules in my home, which she was staying in rent free?

“Ages, I’m 30, my husband 34 and Amy 22.

Our niece ‘Amy’ (my husband’s half brother’s daughter) stayed at our home recently for almost 2 weeks. Amy had exam season at college, her school is a bit of a drive from where she lives and she’d be losing a lot of studying time going back and forth, so she asked if she could stay with us as we’re nearby. She didn’t pay any type of rent but did reimburse the increase in utilities. (she offered to pay for utilities by the way, we didn’t ask her to)

We agreed because this was for an educational purpose, and I made it very clear to her she couldn’t be using this time for socializing, mingling with friends and so on. Amy agreed to everything.

Last week I came home from work and saw Amy’s husband in the kitchen. He’d come with a report she left at home. I asked her what was going on, she said she made him coffee since he made the trip and ‘he’s only here for 30 minutes’.

I reminded Amy we allowed her to stay here to make her studies easier, not so she can be bringing men over. I’ve also discussed this with her beforehand and she agreed, but now she’s going against it.

Amy started acting snarky so I replied she needs to respect other people’s house and rules, otherwise she can leave.

She got upset and was quiet the rest of the time, but she did end up leaving a few days early.

My husband said Amy should’ve respected the rules but I was too harsh on her. I did text her later, but she didn’t reply and she didn’t pick up my husband’s calls either. He did talk to his half brother and they were p**sed off, but I also told a couple of my family members about it and they think I’m fine.


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