Is This Man Wrong For Accusing His Pregnant Wife Of Being “Reckless”? People Weigh In.

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There are some cases that pop up on the subreddit Am I The A**hole that aren’t exactly cut and dried, but as someone who has read many of these posts, well…the ones where men try to tell pregnant or nursing women to do pretty much anything never usually work out too well for the OP (original poster).

In this case, a man with a pregnant wife (11 years his junior) thinks she is being reckless early in her pregnancy. He says that HE has an app to track HER pregnancy, so why does she need one, too?

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By “reckless,” he means carrying groceries, exercising, drinking soda, and staying out with her friends (not drinking alcohol, just visiting), and gasp continuing to work.

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He’s not trying to be controlling, y’all, he just cares!

Also…he called his wife ugly.

For real.

On Reddit.

And CLARIFIED that he meant what he said.

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It probably doesn’t surprise you in this case to learn that no one is on his side.

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Most people think his wife will leave him when she realizes what exactly he’s doing.

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While others are calling him out for straight up being abusive. Rightly so, in my opinion.

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Seriously, this guy has way too many problems to point out in a single post.

And there’s almost no chance this poor, young woman isn’t already regretting her choice of marrying him.

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We’re all hoping she leaves and raises the baby away from him as much as possible, unless he’s willing to get help and see the error of his ways.

I mean. I’d still leave him but at least that way he wouldn’t also screw up the poor child.

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Men, don’t berate your wife as a bad parent before your child is even half-baked (or ever). Don’t act like you know her pregnancy better than she does.

Your job is to be supportive and silent unless she’s actually harming the baby with her actions.

You can Google just like the rest of us to find out whether or not she is. Just saying.