Is This Person a Jerk for Publicly Shaming a Family That Abandoned Their Cat? People Responded.

What kind of person abandons a pet?

It seriously blows my mind…and it makes me want to blow my top.

Check out this story from the “Am I the A**hole?” story and let us know if you think this person was wrong for putting these folks on blast for abandoning an animal.

AITA for publicly shaming the family who abandoned their cat?

“I live in an apartment that doesn’t allow pets. Most of my neighbors own their homes. The house next door had this really friendly cat.

Last week, the cat came up to me, he had patchy fur and looked like skin and bones

I thought maybe he’d been lost and was just finding his way back home and I went to the house and rang the bell but nobody answered. I brought him into my own apartment and planned to take him to the vet.

I found both parents on Facebook from the name on the microchip. I DMed them both saying I’d found their lost cat but nobody replied, I assumed they just don’t check Facebook a lot.

I rang their bell every day until one day a different lady answered saying the last owners sold the house. I was worried, maybe they moved and couldn’t find their cat anywhere? If i had to move and my pet went missing before the move, I’d be devistated.

I thought another neighbor might have their phone number or new address, so I asked on the community Facebook page, attaching their profile screenshots and cats photo.

Someone said the family moved just a mile away.

Someone else put their names with the @ so they were notified on the post.

And I got a weird message from the man saying “i didn’t give you permission to post me on a public page, remove this by the law”

I sent several messages like “is that your cat” and got a reply telling me to f**k off.

I screenshot the message and posted it on the public post being like “is this a prank, is this actually the guy who used to live here?”

I was so sure it was some joke, the wrong guy, since I couldn’t imagine someone finding their lost pet and reacting like that.

A few other neighbors replied confirming that was the guy.

I replied to say “Shameful… Kitty got fleas and was hungry, I’m treating the fleas but I really can’t keep him. Anyone able to take him in? He was a mostly indoor cat and I’m worried he won’t make it through the winter outside”

One of the other neighbors said they could take him in, if the flea problem was dealt with, so I agreed to treat his fleas.

I was then getting kinda mad at the guy who abandoned the cat and asked on the public page “@FatherName @MotherName Your cat got fleas and is way too skinny cause y’all put him out. I’m out a lot of money. Y’all really almost k**led him abandoning him in the cold. Least you could do is cover the cost to bring him back to health.”

I got another unhinged private message from the dad, mad at me for being a renter coming into a long standing community and starting s**t among community members who’d been around longer then I’d been alive and would be around after I was moved out in a year.

This might be real petty but I posted it in the comments of the public post too saying “shameful reaction… Yikes”

I feel like I might have been an a**hole for publicly shaming the family but I also think I started by trying to genuinely help and was just met with crazy s**t.

AITA for publicly shaming the family?”

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