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AITA for keeping my scarf on?

“I’m 18F, and I’m a Muslim woman. I choose to wear a headscarf (hijab) because, well, I do. I’m studying for my finals for my senior year of HS and I was is a study group, and had to go to someone else’s house to study. I’ll call her Rachel.

I arrive at Rachel’s house, and, keep in mind, I was one of four girls coming over. At the door, Rachel’s mom encourages me to remove my scarf, and Rachel follows suit. Her mom said that it made her nervous. I told her it was not coming off, especially since there was a man in the house.

Rachel swore up and down that there wasn’t, but sure enough, when I got in there, her (older) boyfriend was there. One of the other girls in the group called this out, but her mom claimed to not know he was there (which I don’t understand, but, whatever I guess).

Everything went pretty smoothly after that, until Rachel just texted me, claiming that her mom was having a panic attack due to my scarf and it made her boyfriend feel threatened.

She told me it was her house so her rules, that I was an AH, and that I would not be welcomed back. One of the other girls is taking it next time, I know her family and they’re great, but Rachel says she will not be in attendance because her mom doesn’t want her near me.


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