It Snowed in Australia, and No One Is More Confused Than the Kangaroos


The majority of Australia is a desert or has a semi-arid climate, though some areas falling under the category of “tropical.” That said, there are spots where snowfall is normal and expected during the winter months – in the higher elevations, for instance, and even in spots along the Southern coast.

But for most of the continent, a day with snow is an odd one indeed.

Recently, a polar front pushed from the south of the country into areas like New South Wales, Victoria, even edging into Queensland – all spots where snow is definitely a rare (if not all-but-unheard of) event.

And the kangaroos seemed at a loss…at least, at first. Then, as you can see in this video, they decided to make the most of their time with the white stuff, and started to play and frolic about.

Yes, it’s a video of kangaroos frolicking. You’re welcome.

They may be like to deer to the Aussies – annoying, slightly dangerous,  and a common sight on the side of the road – but for everyone else in the world, kangaroos are totally cute and fun to watch.

So we’re taking full advantage.