It Takes About 7500 Bricks to Build the Winchester Mystery House out of LEGO

Image Credit: Winchester Mystery House

I’ve never been super into LEGO myself, and as my two sons are still too small, I haven’t been introduced as a parent either. I’m sure that will change.

Recently, at a writing retreat, the others built the Millennium Falcon out of LEGO, though, and it was pretty impressive.

Fun Fact: I also learned that LEGO is the singular and the plural, so you never say LEGOS if you know what you’re doing. Or, like me, want to pretend that you do.


I am properly obsessed with hauntings and weird stuff, though, so the Winchester Mystery House and I are well-acquainted. If you’re not, a quick rundown – it was owned and built by Sarah Winchester, the wife of the man who made his fortune selling Winchester rifles.

Image Credit: Winchester Mystery House

After a medium informed her she was being haunted by the people who were murdered by his guns, and the only thing that would appease their spirits was continuously building the house, she did just that. There are all sorts of oddities inside, like staircases into the ceiling and doors that open to the outside…on the upper floors.

She worked on it continuously from 1886 until 1922.

Image Credit: Winchester Mystery House

Which is all to say, it’s a huge house. And now, someone has built it using LEGO.

The LEGO block model of the house was built for the new LEGOLAND Discovery Center Bay Area and took over 200 hours to assemble. They used over 7500 plastic bricks and 400 different elements in a pretty darn good attempt to capture the details of the whimsical facade.

Image Credit: Winchester Mystery House

Every LEGOLAND Discovery Center features a LEGO model of a local landmark, and Bay Area residents overwhelmingly voted to honor the Winchester Mansion for theirs.

It will be on display at the new facility in Milpitas, California, when it opens.

In the meantime, I hope you enjoyed the pictures!