It Turns out Social Media Influencers Have Been Taking Pics with a Toxic Lake


I’m still trying to wrap my head around a world where “social media influencer” is like, a job.

It is, unfortunately. And apparently finding the perfect background is an important part of being the best in your field.

Which is why so many influencers have taken a liking to the picturesque lake in the city of Novosibirsk, in Russia.


The waters are as turquoise as a tropical sea, and contrasted against the surrounding Siberian forest, well…there’s really no arguing that the scenery is Instagram-worthy.

Except for one this: It’s not actually a lake, but the containment pond a power plant uses as an ash dump. The Siberian Generating Company, who runs the plant, has put out a warning against swimming in the lake, which gets its beautiful color from  calcium salts and other metal oxides being pumped into the fairly shallow (3-6 feet deep) body of water.


Now, the lake isn’t radioactive or deadly – at least according to the power plant – but the cocktail of substances definitely certainly isn’t something you’d want in your bath water. It could lead to allergic reactions, among other unknown outcomes.

Not only that, but the bottom of the lake is muddy with ash deposits, meaning anyone walking in it could get stuck and require professional help to get out.


Just something to think about before you go wading into random bodies of water, pretty or not.