Italians Are Tired of Americans Ruining Their Food, Twitter Account Shares All Their Frustrations


If Italians know one thing, it’s food. It’s like a religion to Italian folks, so don’t even try to mess with them or argue with them about it.

A guy named Zach Champion who likes to frequent recipe websites noticed a common theme on the different sites: Italian people getting really pissed off in the comment sections. So Champion decided to collect the angry comments onto a Twitter account he called Italians Mad at Food. And it is brilliant. Just look at these hostile comments.

And a lot of the vitriol is directed at us poor Americans.

And the angry Italian commenters also tend to get pretty peeved about how folks make pasta.

It’s also apparently causing a lot of them to vomit.

Champion says one of his favorite things is when the angry commenters switch from insults in English to insults in Italian.

Be sure to follow this Twitter account, it’s an unending source of laughter!