It’s October! Here Are 13 Over-the-Top Pumpkins to Inspire You This Halloween

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Autumn is officially here, and if you’re someone who loves crisp temperatures, brilliant leaves, hot cider, and sweaters, you’re also probably included in the 46% of people who carved and put out pumpkins in 2017.

If this sounds like you, and last year you went with the standard triangle eyes, nose, and half-toothless mouth, these 14 designs might inspire you to up your game in 2018.

#13. Peek!

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Whether this is guy is underwater or space, he’s pretty freaky.

#12. That’s one big pumpkin.

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And completely terrifying.

#11. Those are some impressive hands!

Image Credit: Instagram

…And teeth and eyes and entire face.

#10. Brainnnsssssss.

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What kind of pumpkin is that??

#9. I’m not going to be okay until I know how they did this.

Image Credit: Instagram

Seriously, that’s foam and not a real pumpkin, right?

#8. Bet you never thought of carving the butt.

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But look what you get when you do…a sweet granny pumpkin!

#7. This one looks like something the Ghostbusters would blast.

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…Or it might blast them with whatever’s in its mouth!

#6. Let me answer your question: yes, this is just one pumpkin.

Image Credit: Instagram

And no, he doesn’t need to explain his life choices to you.

#5. If only it were that easy to smash Vader.

Image Credit: Instagram

“Luke, I am your pumpkin.”

#4. Poor little pumpkin.

Image Credit: Twitter

Yeah, I’m not okay with this one.

#3. He doesn’t want to be a scary pumpkin.

Image Credit: Instagram

#2. I think the teeth are the most impressive part.

Image Credit: Instagram

But more importantly, why is he sewing a small pumpkin to his face?

#1. Yer a pumpkin, Harry.

Image Credit: Instagram

Okay, that’s seriously adorable.

Get to carving, people, and maybe your pumpkin will show up on a list next year!