Jack Black Plans to Get Ripped in 2020. Maybe.

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Jack Black. You know him. You love him.

But did you know the 50-year-old comedic actor is trying out something new in 2020? That’s right, Mr. Black wants to get in shape and get RIPPED.

Black met up with a trainer to the stars and asked,

“I just wanna kick ass, I wanna get ripped; I don’t wanna sacrifice calories though, I wanna eat whatever the f*** I want, but still be motherf***in’ ripped – is that possible?”

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Black admitted that he loooooooves eating and that’s his big problem.

The trainer agreed that food addiction is a real problem but when he trains people that’s usually the last thing they deal with because it’s the hardest habit to break.

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The trainer, Mark Wildman, said that kettle bell swings are one of the important exercises that anyone can do.

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Those exercises definitely got Black huffing and puffing.

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And he repeatedly talks about coming “for Hemsworth.”

He’s not messing around, obviously.

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And finally, it was time for a shirtless photo so he could track his progress.

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And what he’s hoping to achieve…

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Check out the hilarious video below!

Good luck, Jack! We’ll be following your progress in this quest!

What are your 2020 goals? Are you on your way to achieving them?

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