Jared Leto Dressed as Joe Exotic From ‘Tiger King’ and the Internet Shows Its Appreciation

Photo Credit: Pexels

If you haven’t seen Netflix’s series “Tiger King” yet, you’re really missing out.

The true crime drama tells the story of a zookeeper who goes by the name Joe Exotic, a very interesting character to say the least. It’s become wildly popular as people find themselves with a little more time on their hands for binge-watching shows.

Photo Credit: Pexels

Even celebrities can’t resist the pull of this popular show, including actor and singer Jared Leto, who watched the series as part of his “Jared Leto Cinema Club.”

Apparently, Leto liked the show so much that he felt compelled to dress up like Joe Exotic, even going so far as to hold a stuffed tiger to complete the look.

We’d say he pretty much nailed it, but you be the judge:

People on the internet had a lot of fun with Leto’s decision to play dress-up. One Twitter user even photoshopped Leto’s face into a photo of Exotic:

Not bad, not bad.

Others just wanted to make sure he was doing OK:

And some people just weren’t impressed:

What do you think? Did Leto nail the look or was he trying too hard? I mean, I think he brings his own style to it, so I say… nailed it!

Okay, so let’s talk for real now… there WILL be a Tiger King movie. We all know that. Does Jared Leto get the main role? Or because he never ages, will he be one of Joe’s young boy toys?

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