This Fan’s Hilarious Photo with Jason Momoa Went Viral for Obvious Reasons

Jason Momoa is in serious contention for “Most Interesting Man in the World” these days. Between rock climbing, ax throwing (seriously!), working with his hands, being a great dad to his kids, and oh yeah, being a freakin’ Hollywood megastar, he’s easily one of the coolest people on the planet.

As such, any photo featuring him in it is likely to be pretty cool, but the photo you’re about to see is on another level!

Redditor u/twoforjoy was attending Denver Comic Con when she got a chance to take a photo with Momoa, which she shared online.

“I told my husband I wanted a picture alone with Jason Momoa,” she says, “but he wasn’t comfortable with that.”

This is the incredible result:

Photo Credit: Imgur


It seems even Momoa loved the way it turned out:

Photo Credit: twoforjoy

It’s also possible that this was just part of the husband’s plan all along…

Photo Credit: twoforjoy