Jenna Fischer and John Krasinski Expertly Troll Each Other About the Stanley Cup

Photo Credit: Twitter, @jennafischer

Game 7 of the Stanley Cup playoffs wrapped up recently with a big win for the St Louis Blues. But what happened leading up to the game was better than hockey, itself. Well, almost.

Jenna Fischer and John Krasinski battled it out on social media leading up to the final game. We know them as one of the cutest, loving couples on NBC’s The Office. Fisher, who played Pam Beesly was the office assistant. And Krasinski played the calm and collected, Jim Halpert.

They had a rocky start in the show but I’ll get that. On with the trolling!  Krasinski is a die-hard Bruins fans. He’s a Boston hometown boy that grew up loving his team. And Fischer, who resides in St. Louis, fell hard for her Blues.

After The Office ended these two remained great off-screen friends and this act of playfulness shows it all. Besides, trolling and teasing each other is what good friends do.

It all started with Fischer tossing out this tweet to start the friendly rivalry.

Before I get too far, there is a great connection between hockey and The Office. Fans of the show may remember that before Jim Halpert and Pam Beesley said “I DO!” on the show, Pam was engaged to Roy.

In the episode, “The Client”, the group is discussing their worst first dates and Pam is sure she has this. She tells the story of how her date took her to a hockey game with his brother. She had gone to use the bathroom and the game ended. Then her date and his brother left her behind. We come to find out later, her date was Roy. Yep, worst date ever!

Back to the story!

When Fisher didn’t get a response from Krasinski, she photoshopped them wearing competitor jerseys.

That got his attention!

Steve Carell even joined in on the fun and wore Krasinski’s favorite team logo hat.


But it all boiled down to this hilarious video of Krasinski from Game 7.

Did you see who that was sitting next to Krasinski?

That was David Denman, the actor who played the fiance Roy on The Office! Well played.

Of course, Fischer clapped back referencing the show.

In the end, the Blues took the cup and Carell bowed down to the win.


And Krasinski did as well.

All in all, the group had a fun time razzing each other. And us fans got to swoon over a reconnection of “Jim and Pam”.

Win win!