Jim Wanted To Get Divorced But The Writers Said No — Behind-The-Scenes Of Jim and Pam From ‘The Office’

That’s right, you guys – one of the most beloved couples on television ever was supposed to break up.

Can you imagine getting all misty-eyed about their engagement, only to have gotten divorced later?

I can’t, and there’s a good chance you can’t, either, and luckily, it never happened so they’re living happily ever after and that is that.


There’s a new book out, though, called The Office: The Untold Story of the Greatest Sitcom of the 2000s, and it claims behind-the-scenes knowledge that Jim and Pam weren’t originally meant to be forever.

And guess who we have to thank for this no good, terrible idea?

Jim himself, actor John Krasinski, pitched the idea to show creator Greg Daniels.

“My whole pitch to Greg was that we’ve done so much with Jim and Pam, and now, after marriage and kids, there was a bit of a lull there, I think, for them about what they wanted to do.

For me it was, ‘Can you have this perfect relationship go through a split and keep it the same?’ Which of course you can’t.

And I said to Greg Daniels, ‘It would be really interesting to see how that split will affect two people that you know so well.'”

Interesting? That’s one way to put it, but you’d also be seeing how fans would be affected by the split, and I’ve gotta say, I don’t think they would have taken it well.


Writer Brent Forrester says the breakup was originally supposed to appear in Season 9.

“Greg really wanted to do something extremely risky and high-stakes, which was that the documentary airs and we see what effect it has had on these characters.

There was going to be a reunion episode where you see that Jim and Pam have split up by this time, and they will have their reunion in the reunion episode.”

Thankfully for all of us, our sanity, and for The Office’s legacy as one of the best television shows of the decade, someone talked Greg and John out of this insane plan before it came to fruition.


Call me a sap, but once you’ve invested years in something, it’s okay to have it turn out like everyone expects. Just this once.

Agree? Not? Would you still love the show had it ended that way?

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