The 10 Best Responses to Jimmy Fallon’s Lastest Hashtag Challenge

Jimmy Fallon has honed his skills, bending Twitter to his will basically by letting Twitter do what it does best – slay the hashtag game.

This week was no exception, as he asked people to share stories about when they just #hadtodoit. Some of my favorites are listed below!

#10. That sounds fair.

#9. Take that, Dad.

#8. Do you think he bought it?

#7. You’re lucky she didn’t mop-bop you in the face!


#5. Both mean and smart!

#4. Parenting has many joys. Embarrassing your kids is at the top of the list.

#3. You are a better friend than I, sir. Godspeed.

#2. I mean, what are siblings good for if you can’t manipulate them?

#1. I think you can feel good about that decision.

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