Jimmy Fallon Challenges Viewers to Share an Embarrassing #TextFail

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And the results, predictably, are hilarious. Seriously, those autocorrect posts have nothing on these – read them and and just tell me you don’t agree.

You also might want to make sure your door is closed at the office, because guffaws are imminent.

#15. The friendship is strong with this one.

Image Credit: Twitter

Photo Credit: Twitter

#14. Yeah, guessing that one is dead in the water.

#13. Good luck trying to explain that.

#12. Sharing is caring.

#11. Sure, “accidentally.” We all believe you.

#10. That is one hilarious (and also considerate) boss right there.

Image Credit: Twitter

Photo Credit: Twitter

#9. I’m guessing that this being real does NOT make it more funny.

#8. One of those times you honestly can’t tell if your dad is being a smartass or not…

#7. This totally made Drew’s day.

#6. Annnd now Ryan needs therapy.

#5. And that’s the story of how Leah found out who her true friends are.

Image Credit: Twitter

Photo Credit: Twitter

#4. Oopsie.

#3. Honestly, I’d call this a #TextWin

#2. I wonder if her friend was flattered, or…

#1. That’s one way to get out of Room Mother duties.

Image Credit: Twitter

Photo Credit: Twitter

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