John Krasinski From ‘The Office’ Is Sharing All The ‘Good News’ Stories That Are Happening


John Krasinski seems like a great guy, doesn’t he?

Of course, we all got to know him from The Office, but since then he’s become one of those celebrities that people just really like. A lot.

So when he asked Twitter users to send him some good news, you just knew that people were gonna listen and play along.

Here’s the tweet that got the ball rolling.

And people played along and sent their responses for Krasinski and all of Twitter to read.

1. Way to go, Coco!

2. Congrats to you!

3. A parade for you.

4. When they come marching in.

5. Glad to be here.

6. Keep up the fight.

7. Good job, Vancouver!

8. Baby steps.

9. All dressed up.

10. At the theater.

11. What a great story!

12. New best friends.

Those are great! I’m glad he did this and that people made all of us feel a little bit better.

How about you? Please share some good news with us in the comments!

We’d love to hear from you!