Junkyard Worker Went Viral for Sharing Their Daily Life in a Scrap Yard

TikTok is great for a lot of reasons and one of them is that normal, everyday people get to show whoever wants to watch what their daily lives are like.

So you can take a deep dive into whatever subject suits your fancy! Real estate, sports, art, etc. Whatever suits your fancy!

And it’s interesting to get behind-the-scenes looks at what different jobs are really like and a young woman who works in a junkyard has racked up a lot of TikTok followers because of her funny videos showing her life at work. She goes by the name of father_yaga on TikTok and she has quite a personality!

Let’s take a look at some of the videos she posts from her job.

Here she is using the excavator machine while we listen to her innermost thoughts…

@father_yaga Hoe Thoughts #excavator #operator #davidduchovny #yesimdelusional #scrapyardlife #johndeere #hoeinahoe #hivis ♬ Chill out BGM (simple) – Hollywood Labo

And in this video, she walks us through her hilarious goodnight rituals at work.

@father_yaga an oldy but an goldy #scrapyardlife #northbc #yaidkwhatthisiseither #pinupgirls #truckshop #goodnight ♬ original sound – father_yaga

And here’s one of her getting real about what TikTok may or may not be doing to her brain.

@father_yaga denial : an important part of the grieving process #scrapyardlife ♬ original sound – father_yaga

She’s a rising TikTok star for sure!

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