10 Facts About ‘Friends’ The TV Show

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I’ve been a fan of the classic 90s sitcom for 20 years now, and I still can’t get enough. How about you? Do you find yourself watching re-runs like it’s your job? Does that orange couch and purple apartment make you feel at home? Am I revealing too much about myself right now?

If you are missing Monica, Ross, Rachel and the others, here are 10 facts from Friends that might surprise and delight you.

1. It wasn’t always called Friends. The writers of the show toyed with Insomnia CaféFriends Like Us, and Six of One. 

2. There were only supposed to be four friends, not six! Phoebe and Chandler were originally supporting roles, but were expanded because the show needed more humor.

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3. Chandler was the hardest to cast. The producers auditioned over 75 people for his role, and when no one stood out, the writers started doubting their abilities. But then Matthew Perry walked in.

4. In order to save on the budget for the show, the writers created “bottle episodes.” They frequently used only the sets available to them: Central Perk, Chandler’s apartment and Monica’s apartment.

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5. Lisa Kudrow had to learn how to play the guitar. The writers hired a teacher, but Kudrow felt that mastering the chords would detract from Phoebe’s character.

6. The big white dog was given the name “Pat the dog” and donated by Jennifer Aniston.

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7. The cast was originally against Joey and Rachel being a couple! And honestly, I was too.

8. Lisa Kudrow was actually pregnant during the time she carried Frank Jr.’s triplets. They wrote it into the storyline so she wouldn’t have to hide her pregnancy.

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9. In the episode, “The One With the Jam,” Joey was sporting a sling because he’d made a mess of Monica’s homemade jam. Again, the writers had to write in the choice due to the fact that Matt LeBlanc had, in fact, suffered a real arm injury.

10. The moment we all remember: Ross and Rachel getting together!  In the pilot episode, the writers wrote a conversation about Ross admitting his crush on Rachel without much thought. Little did they know that exchange would spark one of television’s most memorable on-again-off-again romances.

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This list could go on and on…but we’ll leave that for another time.