Kanye West Is Running for President and the Memes Are Out in Full Force

©Wikimedia Commons

Can 2020 get any weirder? We have a worldwide pandemic, pretty much everything is closed down, and we’re not allowed to see or touch anyone…

The answer is YES, IT CAN!

Kanye West is throwing his hat into the ring for this year’s Presidential election and people have feelings about it…in the form of memes.

You knew these memes were gonna happen, right? There was no way that they couldn’t! So, whatever your political affiliation or leanings, sit back and enjoy these memes that poke fun at Mr. West attempting to go to Washington.

Yeesh…let’s just get this year over with already…

1. That’s how you find out what’s happening next.

It’s true!

2. An evil genius?

Or a total dumb*ss? You be the judge!

3. Don’t hold your breath.

I don’t think that’s gonna happen.

4. That’s how Hamilton did it.

Did you know that?

5. Oh, great…

What could possibly go wrong?

6. Nothing matters anymore.

It’s a sad state of affairs out there, huh?

7. Well, you are right about that one.

Give me more attention! I haven’t had enough!

8. The new Pledge of Allegiance.

The kids are gonna love it.

9. Kanye’s foreign diplomacy.

Those folks are NOT gonna be happy.

10. There is no hope anymore.

Will things ever be halfway normal again?

11. She’ll do a great job.

I have faith in her!

Who else do you think should run for President this year?

Carrot Top?

Kato Kaelin?

Steven Tyler of Aerosmith?

Kim Kardashian?

Tell us what you think about this whole debacle in the comments!