Restaurant Employees Team up to “Kill” Karen Customer With Kindness

“Karens” have been a big topic the last few years. Essentially, a Karen is an entitled white woman who expects to get what she wants at all costs.

Sometimes, this behavior has disastrous consequences for the people the Karen is working against. Other times, it provides a welcome bit of humor for an otherwise terrible year.

Recently, a few restaurant employees found themselves contending with a “wild Karen.” Instead of meeting her rudeness with more of the same, they decided to take a different approach: they killed her with kindness.

In fact, the team made the Karen so uncomfortable that she didn’t even eat, because she just couldn’t handle their kindness.

Right off the bat, you know this story is going to escalate so quickly.

Anytime someone is watching the clock that closely… it just almost always ends in a bad way.

The manager covered her bases. First, they checked in with the host, who had definitely done her job.

“Now what are you going to do for me?” has got to be one of the most dangerous questions in customer service!

There is just no placating that degree of entitlement.

Luckily, the manager was ready for her and had an unexpected plan: kill her with kindness.

The table’s server is only too happy to participate, especially since everyone works so well together already.

It sounds like the Karen only really hurt herself in the end.

Restaurant stories are always just wild!

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