Woman Demands Somebody Show Up for a Shift Somewhere She Doesn’t Actually Work. Then the Fun Begins.

When people complain about all of the “Karens” out there, what they’re really complaining about is the fact that there are way too many entitled people in this world. They demand others do things for them, even when it’s not convenient, there’s no reason to expect it, or even – in this case – when it’s not actually their job.

It began with an early morning phone call, in which a woman demanded OP (original poster) work the weekend shift in a retail store where he is not (and has never been) employed.

Few weeks ago, was woken by a phone call at about 5:13am by some snotty woman demanding I work the weekend when I don’t even work for them or retail for that matter.

This is how it all went down:

There was one phone call, in which OP said it was the wrong number.

Then there was another, after which OP decided to have a little fun with the cranky boss on the other end of the line.

5:13 am phone wakes me up. “Hello?” “This is Terry from Bmart, Lucy you have to work this weekend!”

Me trying to grasp reality as my brain is still sleeping and I dont know any Lucy, or this caller Terry.

“Hey Terry, you dialed wrong number. Lose it please.”

I hang up the phone and almost drift back to sleep when it rings again and I stupidly answer it.

Terry “You hang up on me again I will fire your butt! You are to work the weekend or find another job!!!!”

No, she didn’t say butt, she said much worse and now I decided to have some fun with this.

He demanded some better working conditions, to which Terri gave him some kind of spiel about company policy, blah blah blah.

Me “Terry, if you want me in it’s over time Saturdays, double time Sundays. I want this in writing or I will not come in!!!” Figured this would end the call and I could get back to sleep.

I was dead wrong. I had to listen to Terry give me some spiel on company policy for full timers and open ability.

OP wasn’t done negotiating for the poor, overworked Lucy, though.

I cut her off in mid sentence….. “Terry, I could care less about company policy!! You want me to work this weekend, you are paying me what I require and your putting this in writing!! Also, because you annoyed me by waking me twice, I now will only work double time Saturday and Triple time Sundays…. Take it or leave it!! Oh, don’t forget, thats $15.00 an hour!! That means $30 an hour Saturdays, $45 an hour Sun……….”

The mention of the hourly pay was when the sh%t really hit the fan, though – because he guessed way too high and the boss lady completely lost it.

I never got to finish saying Sunday, because this is what happened next… Terry “whly sht whly sht, I don’t even make $15 an hour, why the hell do you!!!” Next thing I know, her yelling attracted other staff and I can hear yelling in the background of why the hell does she make $15 and I only get $9 with others in background yelling why is Lucy getting $15 and I could no longer make out who was saying what other then Terry telling someone I refuse to come in unless I get OT which is when some guy takes over the call.

The general manager got on the phone and began to suspect something was rotten in Denmark.

“This is Bill the general manager, Lucy, what is this about not coming in unless you get OT and where the hell are you getting $15 an hour from?” Me “You want me in, those are my terms! Stop calling and waking me!” I can hear Bill in the background with all the commotion saying that doesn’t sound like Lucy, it sounds like a guy?”

So OP got off the call as quickly as possible, but I don’t know how he went back to sleep after that.

Me “For that insult it’s now triple time the entire weekend, we have a deal?”


It was then my wife wakes up and asks me what was all that about.

Told her it was work calling me to let me know I had the weekend off.

Well… while this person DID have fun with a Karen… the internet was worried about the person OP was impersonating.

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Well, OP realized they needed to clarify, so they added an update.

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And all was right with the world… so the internet calmed down.

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Have you ever had a little fun with someone who called the wrong number, then refused to leave you be about it?

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