‘Karen’ Shares Her ‘Breathable’ Mesh Face Mask With the World And People Shared Their Strong Opinions

Photo credit: Facebook

In 2020, women who complain about having to wear a mask while in a pandemic have become an everyday thing.

But some Karens will attempt to wear a mask, even if it doesn’t necessarily do much… just to shut people up.

This Karen in Brazil is modeling one such mask for a local salon, which is selling them. The problem with the mask is that it’s mesh and offers no protection, either for the wearer or anyone around the wearer.

We thought it might be a parody, but according to the salon’s Facebook page, these “beautiful and super comfortable” masks allow for “much easier breathing, in addition to the delicacy and femininity that [the] tulle mask brings to the female face.”

Mesh masks can be found not only at this particular salon but also at Etsy and sites like it.

They are advertised as, and I kid you not… “Anti-Mask Face Masks.”


Etsy has sold over 12 million masks so far, and there’s no telling how many of these are part of that tally. Let’s hope very, very few.

The internet had opinions…

As it always does…

Some Etsy account owners say that these masks are not intended to be used alone, but to cover medical and N95 masks. If that’s the case, we’re all for a little decorative enhancement.

As long as that’s ACTUALLY what this is.

However, if you’re using them alone, you need to STOP and get something more substantial. We get it—masks aren’t fun—but they work, and it’s a small thing you can do for yourself and someone else to stay healthy.

What do you think about this woman getting around the rules? Have you seen anybody else do something like that?

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