KFC Changes Taco Tuesday Forever with Release of Kentaco

Photo Credit: Unsplash

Nobody does fried chicken like KFC. Their signature crispy chicken tenders have been around for ages and are a worldwide staple.

While most people associated the big brand with fried chicken, gravy-laden mashed potatoes and buttery biscuits, KFC is always looking to change the chicken game. After all, this is a company that brought us the Double Down—a finger-licking, artery-hardening sandwich that uses two fried chicken fillets for buns.

Did I mention it also contains bacon AND cheese?

Photo Credit: KFC / Yum! Brands

Oh, and let’s not forget about KFC’s Chicken and Donuts sandwich.

That’s right, folks. A chicken sandwich that utilizes sugar-glazed donuts as buns.

Photo Credit: KFC / Yum! Brands

The company’s latest offering once again attempts to use fowl in the most unique way possible.

Ladies and gentlemen… I present the Kentaco.


For all the taco lovers out there, this is a game-changer.

You no longer have to deal with flimsy soft tortillas from Taco Bell that barely stay together. And you certainly don’t have to worry about a hard shell snapping in your fingers. This time, the taco shell is comprised of good ole’ fried chicken.

Once the innovative product began gaining buzz on social media, it was almost impossible for people to stay away.

KFC’s unique offering costs just $5.95 for one taco and $7.95 for a full meal. Then again, I’m not quite sure how you’d still have room for anything else after scoffing down that monstrosity. Still, the allure of mixing two of the tastiest foods together in one big bite has many mouths drooling.

But here’s the catch… it’s only available in… SINGAPORE! Ugh… come on KFC… don’t you know we need this here???

Whether the Kentaco survives or just ends up being another fad, it’s certainly creative. And while I’m a taco traditionalist, I may just have to book a flight to Singapore to see if this fried chicken taco tastes as foul as it looks.

What do you think? Should we have this in the States? Let us know in the comments!