KFC Offers 70-Piece Popcorn Chicken Bucket, but Some Are Not Impressed

Photo Credit: Pixabay

Fried chicken enthusiasts should be salivating over KFC’s latest foray in the fowl game. After all, anyone who’s crunched into their irresistibly peppery, crisp chicken knows how addicting it can be.

But the big brand’s latest offering kicks things up a notch. KFC is going bigger (but not necessarily better) by reintroducing its “extra-large serving” of popcorn chicken nuggets. Just take a moment to let your taste buds come back down to earth.

Yes, folks. KFC’s signature popcorn chicken is available in a 70-piece bucket that has more than a few fried chicken fans salivating over the idea of stuffing themselves silly with the delectable finger food.


According to BRAND Eating, the offer won’t be around for long. This limited-time nationwide rollout at participating KFC locations makes this a deal you just can’t pass up. In fact, some people are already planning out their entire day based around taking down the gigantic bucket of crispy, delicious goodness.

Others see the 70-piece bucket as an honor worth achieving. Someone sounds pretty motivated to me:


However, some loyal KFC eaters have been lucky enough to try out the 100-percent white meat offerings. The early reviews have been mixed.


Apparently KFC needs to do a recount because more than a few customers have been left disappointed at their supposedly stacked 70-piece bucket. I’m no food or math expert, but it certainly looks like a few buckets are a couple of nuggets short (and that’s being generous).


Still, that hasn’t stopped everyone from celebrating the famous friend chicken restaurant’s amazingly economical deal.

Even if they are a few nuggets short, 70 pieces—or anything close to that—is sure to fill you up and keep you from taking flight off your couch.

Do you think you could take down 70 KFC popcorn chicken nuggets? Let us know about your craziest food challenges below!