Knockoff Halloween Costumes That Really Miss the Mark

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I get it: you’re in a rush, you forgot it was nearly October 31, and now you’re scrambling to put a costume together for the big party tonight.

You go to the Halloween superstore down the street and what do you find? A bunch of ripoff costumes that are also very overpriced. It’s enough to drive someone crazy!

Here are 15 knockoff Halloween costumes that you should definitely avoid this year. You don’t want to get laughed out of that party, do you?

I swear, sometimes you’re just better off making your own costume…

1. Potter Teacher Wizard Boy.

Thinking of going as this for Halloween from crappyoffbrands

2. Remember that ’90s movie Notionless?

3. The Beast Boy.

4. Going for a Hunger Games vibe.

Found this at the seasonal Halloween store. from crappyoffbrands

5. Cyber Man or Padre.

6. Big fan of that Stripey Dude.

7. Most women already have one of these.

8. Night Time Romeo.

9. Good ol’ Juice Demon and a Harley Quinn knockoff.

10. “Purple Musician.”

80’s Purple Musician Costume from crappyoffbrands

11. Heroic Maria looks familiar…

Man, I love playing some Super Maria on my Shmintedno Enjoyment system! I hope they make her a Haloween Costume this year! from crappyoffbrands

12. Such a superhero.

13. Dorothy? Maybe?

14. That mischevious worker, I’ll tell ya…

15. And finally, the hit Netflix show, “Unusual Events.”

Hmmmmm…somehow, these missed the mark, right?

Share a photo of your Halloween costume with us in the comments, rip-off or not!