Kraft Releases New ‘Salad Frosting’ to Help Parents Trick Their Kids into Eating Vegetables

Photo Credit: Kraft

Dealing with picky eater kids can lead parents to do seriously wacky things, but this tactic is even wackier than most.

Kraft released limited edition Kraft Salad “Frosting” to encourage kids to eat salad. Don’t worry, it’s not sweet at all — it’s just ranch dressing with a different label on it. Because if you tell your kids that they get to eat frosting on their salads, maybe they’ll actually enjoy it?

“Sometimes parenting means bending the truth,” Kraft wrote in a tweet. “That’s why we made limited edition Kraft Salad ‘Frosting,’ the easy way to get your kids to eat their greens.”

Photo Credit: Kraft

This insane product is not, however, available for purchase in stores (yet???).

Instead, the company started a hashtag campaign, #LieLikeAParent, to encourage parents to share their best parent lie for a chance to win their own Salad “Frosting.”

Some parents have shared lies that are impressively deceptive.

One dad lied that asparagus is “green licorice,” which sounds like a tactic that Kraft would definitely approve of.

Another mom lied that “the ice cream truck plays music when they are out of ice cream.” Diabolical!!!

Some others:


Meanwhile over at Eater, they’ve come up with a list of other “kid-friendly rebrands.”

A few highlights include grilled cheese as “cheese s’mores,” water as “flat sugar-free pop,” and fried chicken as “Rice Crispy meat” (as if anyone needed to be convinced to eat fried chicken).

There’s also burgers as “savory cow cookies,” ravioli as “salty gushers,” and cucumbers as “sad pickles.”

Clever, yes. Nauseating? Also yes.