Labrador Eats Wedding Cake But Is So Cute We Forgive Her Mostly

Photo Credit: Willis

Labradors are one of those breeds with itchy teeth that beg to munch on everything from our favorite shoes to entire rolls of toilet paper. They know they are being bad, too, because when caught, they look up with big Disney princess eyes, their little eyebrows furrowed. It’s like they can’t believe what came over them. I don’t know how this happened. Mommy? I love you.

How can we possibly stay mad at those sweet faces even if we saved up all month for those new Jimmy Choos? I mean, they’re just shoes.

Sometimes, though, the stakes are a little higher.

Bella is a black Labrador who caused some trouble on her owners’ wedding day.

Photo Credit: Willis

Look at the photo. Have you ever seen an animal look as pitiful? But do you see something else in the photo? Perhaps a DEMOLISHED WEDDING CAKE?

Bella, what have you done?

Mere hours before the wedding, bridesmaid Gemma went to her sister Donna’s house to help bring the cake to the reception hall. They planned to watch their brother Scott exchange wedding vows with his bride Jackie.

Then, enjoy some damn cake.

Photo Credit: Willis

But when Gemma saw Donna’s tear-stained face, she knew instantly what had happened. Donna’s husband Liam had accidentally left Bella’s crate door open. And Bella found the cake.

Gemma and Donna formed another plan. They would not tell Scott and Jackie about the cake, and they would find a replacement. After calling shop after shop, sharing their sad tale (tail), they found a bakery able to squeeze in the order for an entire wedding cake.

Gemma and Donna scrambled back to the wedding, while Liam picked up (and paid for) another cake. By the time the guests were ready for cake, word had spread about the almost fiasco.

Scott and Jackie were the last to know. “I had no idea. We got to the venue and after having our photographs we went up to the top table. Donna asked if I liked the cake and then told me it wasn’t ours. I couldn’t believe it when she said the dog ate it. I stood there in silence then just burst into laughter. It was just the Willis luck something like this would happen,” Scott told the Chronicle Live.

Scott also said the wedding was “fantastic.” Since they didn’t know about the cake, they had zero worries.

As for poor little Bella, she was fine. Although, she might not want cake any time soon.