This Lady Got Punched in the Face for Asking a Dude to Close His Legs on the Subway

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Manspreaders – people (usually men) who sit with their knees spread wide open on crowded public transportation – are a menace to society. When it happens to you, you have a choice: say something or stay in your smooshed little corner and stew quietly to yourself.

When Sam Saia found herself scrunched onto the edge of a bench on a NYC subway, she decided she was tired of staying quiet: she asked the man (presumably nicely) to stop shoving her into the wall.

His response? A swift punch in the face, preceded by profanities that onlookers report as “B*tch, you ain’t nothing! I’ve raped white b*tches like you, f*cking c*nt!

So, totally charming.

The video is below (graphic, obvs, so only click if you’ve got a strong stomach. Otherwise, use your imagination).


Saia was presumably in shock (and also bleeding) but luckily some other passengers restrained the man and forced him to exit the train at the next stop. No one was thinking, I guess, that they could have detained him and waited for the police, but surely no one imagined that when Saia did try to report the incident, she would essentially be told not to bother.

Photo Credit: Instagram, @eazy_info

The NYPD’s 17th precinct passed her off to the Transit District’s 34 headquarters, who told her that the report would be a waste of time. Luckily, Sam Saia isn’t the type of woman to take that shit lying down, and splashed the incident – and its poor handling – all over social media.

Photo Credit: Twitter, @NoahChasin

Since then, the NYPD has launched an internal investigation and she’s been reconnected with one of the people who came to her aid on the train.

Gotta love the internet.

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