Lamborghini’s New Adult GoKart Pro Seems Like a Whole Lot of Fun

Image Credit: Lamborghini GoKart Pro

If you’re someone who loves cars and things that go super fast on the road, chances are your ears perk up whenever you hear the word Lamborghini. Am I right?

If so, you’re definitely in the right place – because Lamborghini and Chinese smartphone maker Xiaomi are teaming up to offer the Ninebot GoKart Pro, Lamborghini edition.

The best part? The price tag is only around $1500, which is cheap considering how much fun it’s going to provide until you inevitably crash it doing something stupid.

Xiaomi owns the personal transporter company Segway-Ninebot, so they’re no stranger to the business of little moveable rides, and obviously Lamborghini understands the sort of experience people associate with their product name.

The GoKart Pro reaches speeds of 25 mph, and is propelled by a self-balancing Xiaomi scooter. It’s a fun, bright yellow color and has high-traction rubber tires, making it safer to turn.

It also features true Ackermann steering, which allows each wheel to pivot for accurate and sharp turning, as well as functional headlights.

Image Credit: YouTube

The kart comes with a 432Wh battery that’s cooled by four air ducts, and that will allow the thing to go for around 15.5 miles – or 62 laps around a 400 meter track – before it needs to be charged. There are also Bluetooth speakers you can use to simulate the roar of a real Lamborghini engine, and it folds up for easy transport to and from a track.

The maximum weight is 220 pounds, which means it’s made for adults – but if you’re going to let your (legal) kid behind the wheel you can adjust the speed on your smartphone.

It really does seem to have something for everyone, and I don’t know about y’all, but that video really has me itching to get behind the wheel.

Guess it’s time to start saving!