Law Firm Hires Chef to Hilariously Screw With Security Guard

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For some people, getting a badge goes straight to the head. And while we should show the same courtesy and respect to someone in a uniform with badge ensemble that we’d show anyone, any kind of power-tripping also deserves an eye-roll. Also, thinking outside the box so we can all go about our days, bruised ego notwithstanding.

Here’s a story about how such thinking got this poor baker out of a jam when all he was trying to do was deliver some damn bagels to an important customer.

Get ready to laugh, because this one is truly bizarre.

The story is called “The day I was hired and fired from a law firm.”

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After he and another baker completed the orders, he had to deliver half of them on his way home.

Nothing out of the ordinary so far…

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He just needs to find a place to park.

Again, we’re still normal…

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But then… he meets his future antagonist.

Still, nothing out of the ordinary…

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Sam The Security Guard guards parking spaces with his life.

I mean… WTF Sam?!

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But Bob has an idea. And it’s an EXPERT troll of this truly nutso security guard.

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Fully employed, OP completes his task of bagel delivery.

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And they all lived happily ever after, except Sam.

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Isn’t it sad when someone with a tiny mind and a big badge goes out of his way to keep someone from doing a simple job? Sam, you need some hobbies!

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