Legendary Man Steals Electric Shopping Cart from Walmart and Drives It from Bar to Bar


A lot of us have done some pretty stupid things when we’ve had too much to drink, but, if we’re lucky, we don’t get caught – and it definitely doesn’t become national news.

That’s not what happened to this guy.

Also, side note: if Bill Murray can drive around the streets of Stockholm in a golf cart, why can’t this guy have a little fun?

For the record, we don’t condone drinking and driving any kind of vehicle…but this is still kind of a hilarious story.

A man in Terrebonne Parish, Louisiana, stole an electric shopping cart from a Walmart and proceeded to drive it from bar to bar. The man, Brice Kendell Williams, 32, said he did it because he didn’t want to get a DUI, though he still ended up being charged with a felony for “Unauthorized use of a moveable.”

Someone at a bar in Houma, Louisiana, reported to police that a man had arrived there on a motorized shopping cart after midnight. Police arrived at the bar and found the cart parked between cars in the parking lot. After he was arrested, Kendell told police that he had been at another bar earlier when he decided to steal the cart so he (hopefully) wouldn’t get a DUI.

Captian America

I mean, why would a motorized cart from Walmart draw any attention if someone drove it up and parked it at a bar, right?

Kendell’s bond was set at $2,500.