Little Girl’s Grandpa Completely Failed at Cleaning Her Doll…and Now It’s a Horrifying Mess


Grandpas, God bless their hearts. They’re always trying to do the right thing to please their grandchildren…but sometimes they really blow it.

Photo Credit: Pixabay

That was the case with this old-timer, who just wanted to make his granddaughter happy by cleaning up one of her dolls. Unfortunately, he rubbed off all of the doll’s features with white spirit, a cleaning solvent, and then tried to replace the eyes with some from a magazine. The outcome is a nightmare-inducing creature that will haunt your dreams.

Photo Credit: Twitter, TashP351

Twitter users offered their opinions as well.

Photo Credit: Twitter, TheRealObi_1

Photo Credit: Twitter, komiska

Somebody had to go here…

Photo Credit: Twitter, tsstraights

And somebody tried to “help” by adding eyebrows…but I don’t think it went very well.

A word to the wise: just go ahead and leave the dolls alone in the future.

h/t: Pizza Bottle

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