Locksmiths Share the Safety Secrets Everyone Should Know

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Everyone has secrets, and your home locksmith is one of them…

But it’s not what you think. Locksmiths have tricks in their trade, and now they are volunteering what they know to keep you safe.

6. They help the police

Ever wonder how the police are successful in placing “bugs” and security equipment in homes to catch the bad guys? Some locksmiths help the police by making keys to allow them access for equipment set up.

It’s the “fun” part of their jobs!

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5. Deadbolts can keep you safe

But many contractors who put in new doors may not be the best at ensuring deadbolts are installed correctly. It’s a good idea to have a local locksmith do a quick check to make sure all is secure.

4. Forego the flea market treasures

With Storage Wars and other shows alike, we all hope we’ll strike it rich when stumbling across an old, locked safe at a flea market. Curiosity can cost you. Most times those safes are bunk, it can run you over $300 to crack them open.

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3. Re-key a new home

It’s fun to celebrate a new home purchase with a picture of the key the real estate agent handed you, but be smart: have your new home re-keyed. You never know if the old owners passed along copies to anyone, or if they kept a spare set somewhere. And you definitely don’t want anyone getting into your new house.

2. “Do not duplicate” keys

Sorry to burst your bubble, but even the glaring “Do Not Copy” inscription may not keep keep locksmiths from making duplicates. You’re much better off getting a high-security key that can’t be replicated.

Just in case.

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1. Locks from big box stores

Careful what you buy and at what price. Most big box stores sell locks that have been manufactured in bulk, which often means they are poor quality. Seek out locks listed as a grade two to ensure your bicycle, shed, or other valuables won’t get stolen.

Locks are made to keep you and your valuables safe, but that doesn’t work if you get a bad lock or don’t use it right. It may be annoying, but this is one are where you’re better off not skimping on price.

And hire a locksmith when in doubt.