London to Get the World’s First ‘Batman’ Theme Restaurant

©Warner Bros.

I’m kind of surprised this didn’t happen on our side of the pond first, but it looks like the Brits beat us to the punch on this one.

I’m talking about a Batman-themed restaurant that is set to open in London, England, this spring. The restaurant will be called Park Row and will occupy 18,000 square feet of space in the basement of an Art Deco building in the center of the city.

And it sounds like a visit to Park Row will be more of a show as opposed to a trip to your local restaurant. The setting will look like the Batcave and guests will be welcome to enjoy three bars and five different dining environments. The prices start at an average of $58 (U.S.) per person.

As you might expect, the bars and different dining areas are all designed to reflect the world of Batman. Pennyworth’s is named after Batman’s butler and serves traditional British fare in an atmosphere that resembles a library. You can drink in a speakeasy called Old Gotham City, or enjoy sushi in an area dedicated to the character Harley Quinn.

There is also a dining area called the Iceberg Lounge that is named after, you guessed it, that iconic villain The Penguin.

Park Row is a collaboration between Warner Bros., DC, and Wonderland Restaurants.


This sounds like it’s going to be quite a treat, especially for the hordes of Batman fans out there.

Let’s hope this place is successful and they open one in the U.S. of A sooner than later!

What do you think? Will you be booking a trip to go? Let us know in the comments!