Looking to Challenge Yourself? These 6 Riddles Are Just What the Doctor Ordered!

Image Credit: Pixabay

If you’re searching for a way to challenge your thinking and logic skills today, these 6 riddles just might rev you up!

#6. Jelly beans.

#5. Mr. Flynn.

#4. A stopped watch.

#3. Fatherly love.

#2. Fast and Slow.

#1. Who is the liar?

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#6. A boy and a girl each have a bag containing the same number of jelly beans. How many jelly beans must the boy give the girl so that the girl will have ten more jelly beans than the boy?

#5. If Mr. Flynn is 90 centimeters plus half his height, how tall is he?

#4. My watch had stopped at 10 o’clock. In two minutes time it will be twice as many minutes short of 11 as it was past 10 o’clock 25 minutes ago. What was the correct time?

#3. Fill in the blank: Meena’s father is Arun. 

Then Arun is the ________ of Meena’s father.

#2. Matt is the fiftieth fastest and the fiftieth slowest runner in his school. Assuming no two runners are the same speed, how many runners are in Matt’s school?

#1. A boy and a girl are sitting on a bench. “I’m a girl,” says the child with brown hair. “I’m a boy,” says the child with blond hair. If at least one of them is lying, which one is lying, or are they both lying?

Thanks for playing along!