Looking to Improve Your Health? Here Are Some Snacks That Could Help You Get Serious.

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Snacking is the enemy of dieting and better eating habits…at least, it can be. But if you’re seriously about turning your eating around, you’re going to need something healthy and easy to grab in those moments when you just can’t make it to the next meal.

Otherwise, you’re just going to end up in the McDonald’s drive thru.


Feel me?

To help you out, here are some snacks favored by people who are actually good at (and enjoy) being healthy.

#10. These snack balls are great right out of the fridge or after they’ve melted a bit.

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#9. Skip the fatty avocado and whip this up for breakfast!

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@keriglassman's natural PB&J Ezekiel bread, almond butter and blueberries #spiritjunkie

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#8. A cheese tray – just go easy on the crackers!

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Healthy easy app. Feta cheese rolled in minced herbs and onions, with olives tomatoes and caper berries.

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#7. Sweet, tart, and absolutely delicious.

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New #recipe #ontheblog today: Spiced Baked Apple Chips! No dehydrator necessary. Perfect for fall. #spon @mccormickspice

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#6. This looks like the perfect, pretty, refreshing summer treats.

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A healthy and refreshing after pool snack for my girls ???.

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#5. So many options when roasting chickpeas.

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#4. Go with a classic – the fruit smoothie.

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California Sunshine Smoothie! ?❤️☀️Yummy! 139 calories & 7grams of #fiber try it! All organic:10 strawberries? 1orange ? 1/2 a medium banana ? 1cup of ice & water! ? This combination is also in my book #TheHollywoodTrainerWeightLossPlan as a protein shake, all you have to do is add 2 scoops of vanilla #WheyProtein ? my book also has over 80 healthy delicious easy to prepare recipes available on my website www.TheHollywoodTrainer.com or just click the link in my bio. ?❤️#HealthIsWealth #Nutrition #JeanetteJenkins #StrawberrySmoothie #HollywwodTrainerWeightLossPlan

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#3. Another sweet and savory breakfast option – bananas, nuts, and a drizzle of honey.

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#2. These will satisfy your craving for crunch, salty, and sweet all in one.

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Easy Sweet Potato snack! 150 cals: cut 1 potato into thin slices. Spray w/ 'EVOL', a pinch of salt and roast @375 for 15 mins! ?

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#1. Avoid the carbs but keep the soup – just add zoodles.

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After a week of yummy but heavy Puerto Rican food, I'm so happy to be back in the land of abundant greens! I put my spiralizer to use to make this zucchini noodle miso soup. Health a bowl.

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Hey, it’s worth a try!