This Madman Figured Out How to Watch Every Marvel Scene in Chronological Order

When most of us get bored, we might pick up a book or turn on the TV. Maybe we stand in front of the refrigerator, door open, while we try to decide if we’re actually hungry or not.

Tony Goldmark decided to turn his boredom into an epic project: Listing every single Marvel scene in chronological order. Even he points out how crazy this endeavor was, but he did it anyway.

He posted his painstakingly created timeline on Twitter:

He explained the criteria for his list, and it makes A LOT of sense.

And you can bet the farm on Goldmark’s accuracy… because who’s going to actually check this?

As you might imagine, people were floored by Goldmark’s timeline.

And they had a lot of questions.

Like what about all that time travel in “Endgame?”

If you haven’t watched all of the Marvel movies yet, Goldmark recommends you simply watch them, in the order they were created in. Because he did. And he checked it all. And it’s accurate, or so he says. There’s no way for us to check it and we are NOT going to watch all those films. Sorry, not sorry.

But if you’re a superfan, go ahead and give his version a try, just for fun… or if you hate yourself. Either way works!

Well, there you have it, folks. The epitome of boredom is creating a detailed and, frankly, pretty unnecessary list of all the Marvel scenes in chronological order.

What’s your favorite Marvel character? Have you seen all the movies?

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