Man Asks if He’s Wrong for Accusing His Girlfriend of Stealing

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AITA for telling my girlfriend she technically stole from me when she went grocery shopping using my credit card while I was asleep?

“Here’s the situation;

I m27 have been with my girlfriend f24 for 7 months. We don’t live together and she has sleep-overs at my place regularly.

2 days-ago, She spent the night at my place and in the morning while I was sleeping in she got up, got dressed, took my credit-Card and went grocery shopping with it. I woke up to a massive breakfast made by her as a surprise and when I asked how she got money and time to prepare all that she told me she took my Credit-Card while I was sleep and headed to the super-market to get the stuff she needed to make me a suprise breakfast

. I was stunned I asked why she didn’t ask before taking my Credit-Card and she said I was sleeping and she didn’t want to bother me besides that she wanted this to be a surprise. I just stared and said ” I don’t know, You do realize you technically stole from me when you took my Credit-Card and went shopping with it with-out my consent, right?”.

She looked at me in complete shock and confusion and said that she was just trying to do something nice for me and I just implied that she was a thief. I just shrugged and said it was technically true. She was so upset she got and stormed out the kitchen crying.

She collected her stuff and left after she said she spent time and effort to prepare me break-fast and I was out of line to say she stole from me just because she forgot her wallet at home. She kept hanging up when I tried calling her and later sent me money for the stuff she bought although she didn’t take anything with her.

My sister came over and when I told her she called me an ungrateful jerk with no manners to react this way after this display of affection by my girlfriend. She suggested I get over myself and apologize as soo as possible but I decided to take my time.


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