Man Asks if He’s Wrong for Leaving His Date at a Bar

I’m one of those people who tends to get infuriated when I’m waiting…and waiting…and waiting on someone I’m with when it’s time to leave a bar or a restaurant or a party.

Let’s wrap it up and get out of here!

But you know how some folks can be…

And a guy asked the readers on Reddit’s “Am I the A**hole?” page if he was a jerk for leaving his date at a bar.

Let’s see what he had to say…

AITA for leaving my date at a bar?

“I went on a date with a girl Sunday. Let’s say her name is Mandy. I’ve met Mandy several times through my friends girlfriend Sara.

Mandy always seemed nice and fun to talk to. So I asked her to hangout Sunday. I knew she liked football because she’s been by my friends house for games several times so I asked her to come with to watch the game. We went to a sports bar for dinner. The plan was to watch the game have some drinks and maybe play pool.

So I picked her up Sunday. We got to the bar and Mandy said that her friend was there sitting at a table with some other people. She went and said hi, we sat at the bar and ate. Then she asked if it was cool if we went and sat by them. I didn’t really want to but agreed.

We went over there and she introduced me. That was basically it, from then on I felt like a 3rd wheel. I tried to talk about football with some of the other people but they didn’t watch sports. I tried starting a conversation about other stuff with one of the guys and it didn’t seem like it was going anywhere. So I sat and watched the game while Mandy talked to her friends.

Time passed and the game was almost over so I told Mandy I was probably going to head out after. She said “oh come on one more drink then we’ll go”. Ok fine. Then her friends started buying rounds of shots for each other. Not me (understandable they don’t know me, besides I was driving). I finished my soda and told Mandy I was going to go because I worked in the morning.

She got a confused look and looked at her beer, then the time, and then her friends and said “oh, well…. I didn’t finish my drink yet”. I said “well I’m leaving I can give you a ride home if you want”. She said “okay let me finish my drink”. I said “ok” and sat down.

Then she started screwing around with her friends again. Going outside with them, playing darts. Not drinking her drink. I said “Mandy I’m leaving “. She didn’t acknowledge me or say bye so I left.

Yesterday after work Sara called and yelled at me about leaving Mandy stranded. She said when you drive someone somewhere you take them home too, that she didn’t know I was such a jacka** to leave a girl at a bar alone that Mandy didnt even know I left til she seen my jacket was gone, and apparently Mandy had to Lyft home and I “should reimburse her”.

I explained my side and she said “so what? She was having fun? You should have joined in instead of sitting around moping”.

I feel like I really tried to get into the conversation and join the group, it just wasn’t working. I didn’t feel like sitting there bored forever. Her friends were there it’s not like she was alone alone.

AITA for leaving?”

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This person said he’s NTA and that he told her a couple times he was leaving so this is on her.

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And this reader said his date was actually being very rude.

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Another individual pointed out that his date was there with friends so they understand why he left.

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