Man Asks if He’s Wrong for Refusing to Stop Cooking Certain Foods in His Kitchen Because It Bothers His Roommate’s Girlfriend

Hmmmm, I don’t like the sound of this story one bit...

Having someone who doesn’t even live with you tell you what you can and can’t cook in your own kitchen?

Get the hell outta here!

But that’s what this guy is dealing with, folks!

Did he act like an a**hole?

You be the judge!

AITA for refusing to stop cooking and eating in my kitchen because of my roommate’s girlfriend’s “condition”?

“I feel like this is entirely ridiculous. I live with my roommate “Matt”. We used to be pretty close friends, but over the last 2 years of living with him, we’ve drifted apart, and I’m just waiting for our lease to move out on my own.

Matt’s girlfriend “Sarah” pretty much lives with us, despite not paying rent. I won’t lie, she annoys me to no end. She’s an entitled airhead who thinks the world revolves around her. Anyway, Satah has a “condition” where she gets nauseous at the slightest smell and sight of certain foods.

She’s an incredibly picky eater and anything outside of corndogs or chicken tenders make’s her nauseous according to her. Well unfortunately for her, I like to cook. I love heavily spiced foods and love to cook Asian-style dishes. So, living with a toddler who can’t stand the smell really sucks.

Sarah has always complained about me cooking “smelly” foods and has asked me to stop or do it when she’s “not home.” Well, considering she doesn’t pay rent and spends 18 hours a day at my home I have not accommodated her at all. Last night, Sarah and Matt sat me down and told me I need to stop cooking because Sarah cannot stand it anymore.

Apparently, she had a mental breakdown last week when I was cooking curry. She claims I am making our apartment a “hostile environment” by ignoring her concerns. I told both of them to p**s off until Sarah starts paying her share of the rent.

Matt said that because he lives here his opinion matters as well and he wants me to stop. I told him no to that as well because he’s only doing this because Sarah is being a baby.

We ended up having a massive argument, and neither of them is talking to me both are staying at Sarah’s mom’s house right now. I say good riddance, at least I did until I told the story to my co-workers and they are all shocked.

They say I am being a complete a-hole. This has given me second thoughts on if I was the a**hole in the fight we had.”

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