Man Asks if He’s Wrong for Sending His Daughter Home in Cheap Clothes

Breakups can get nasty…especially when it comes to kids…

And in this story from the “Am I the A**hole?” page on Reddit, a man asks if he acted like a jerk for sending his daughter home wearing cheap clothes.

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AITA for sending my daughter home in cheap clothes?

“I (35m) have a daughter Kiki (7f) with my ex girlfriend Yvonne (34f) and have 50/50 shared custody.

Every time Yvonne sends Kiki back home to me she is in dingy old clothes. They are either too small & cut so she can fit them, stained, have holes, too big, not weather appropriate (long sleeves in the summer) etc, and her shoes are always filthy.

I know Yvonne makes less money than me, which is why we have an agreed upon amount of money I send her monthly for Kiki’s expenses. My wife Sara (30f) also came up with the idea that I just cover Kiki’s childcare/education expenses since it won’t break the bank for us and that way Yvonne can just use all the money I send her for Kiki.

We didn’t want to send Kiki home in the clothes her mom sent her in so we started sending her home in clothes we purchased. She would always send her home with the outfit ruined. Sara’s mom bought Kiki some cute new shoes and Kiki begged to wear them to her mom’s.

She was sent home in another raggedy outfit, with the shoes completely ruined and muddy. Yvonne said they went to the park in them. Sara was p**sed so she went & bought a bunch of clothes from stores like Rainbow, H&M, Walmart etc & we sent those over there so if they’re ruined it will not matter and she can keep all her nice clothes here.

Yvonne called us petty and said keeping tabs on clothes and shopping at “cheap stores to send to mommy’s house” is offensive to Kiki and creating a toxic environment. I just don’t want my daughter walking around looking a mess when she doesn’t have to.

It’s embarrassing and I know it doesn’t make Kiki feel good. I feel like keeping all her quality stuff and favorite outfits here preserves them so she has it. She doesn’t know the difference between the clothes quality and just sees the designs. But Reddit am I really being selfish and petty?


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And another individual said he should also keep a photographic record of what she looks like when she comes to his house.

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