Man Discovers That a Bear Gifts His Dog Deer Bones in Exchange for Access to His Trash


I have to say, I’d be absolutely terrified if I found out that a bear came anywhere near my dog (or my house), but Twitter user Jesse Jordan was peeved about this situation for a different reason.

Jordan, who hails from “The Middle of Nowhere, Canada,” discovered that his dog, Brick, has been accepting deer bones as a gift from a smart bear who is, in turn, granted access to Jordan’s trash. And you know how much bears loooooooove trash.

You had one job!

As you can see, Brick was bribed with some pretty big bones, so you can sympathize with his situation. I mean, how could he possibly turn those bad boys down?!?!

Jordan had to face the hard truth that Brick is just not cut out for this kind of work.

Indeed, this is an impeachable offense. And although Jordan was pretty miffed by this offense, he had to admit that Brick is a damn good boy.

People on Twitter loved the story and shared their thoughts about Jordan and his sidekick, Brick.

And Jordan had one final thought for all the Tweeters out there.

Oh Brick, you really did it this time…

But we shouldn’t be too hard on him, right? I mean, find me a furry doggo that would ever turn down a heaping helping of deer bones.

Go ahead…I’ll wait.

That’s right, the answer is, they would all do the same exact that good ol’ Brick did in this situation.

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