Man Explains How the Stock Market Works in a Way Everyone Will Understand

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Ever think about investing, but too nervous to get started? Seems easy enough. You buy some shares at the lowest price you think you can get. Then watch as the value of your shares soar and you get rich. But there’s some stuff in between the buying and the getting rich part that’s a little murky.

What’s that part all about?

Read this super simple explanation to find out.

Recently, someone made a request.

Explain the stock market in a way a 5-year old could understand.

I found helpful-will share.

A guy sets up a scenario.

Everyone like lemonade, right?

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Your lemonade stand goes public.

Which means you’re yelling on your cell phone a lot as you walk down the street.

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Now we’re learning about the future value of your lemonade stand.

This is where the real juice is made.

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Basically, we want the lemonade value to increase.

Hard to believe there are people who enjoy watching this happen. This is a heart attack in the making.

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The differences between NASDAQ, NYSE and Dow explained.

I like the Pokemon card reference.

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Next stop: Wall Street

Please make sure to collect your belongings.

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I feel like you’re ready to invest like a boss, right? So do your homework, research like crazy, and go out there and make your millions!

Disclaimer: I am not a financial advisor. Please consult a bona fide financial advisor before investing.

But, yay! Investing!