Man Crafts Hats for the Adorable Toad That Hangs out on His Porch


There’s something specifically summer-y about walking out onto your porch in the early morning or evening to find a little toad sitting there like a greeting committee. For me, the sound they make reminds me of my grandfather, who would blame his gas on the “frogs croaking.”

As much as I enjoy their visits, it never occurred to me to respond the way Chris Newsome did. When he recognized the same visitor night after night, Newsome decided the little guy needed some finery.

“I decided to enter the world of toad millinery and help the little guy out. Foam paper seemed like a toad-friendly material.”

First, it was a plain pink top hat.

Photo Credit: Chris Newsome

Photo Credit: Chris Newsome

But soon, he decided it was missing a bit of flair.

Photo Credit: Chris Newsome

Photo Credit: Chris Newsome

For his part, the toad returned, so he must have enjoyed the attention. Or looking dandy for the ladies. Either way, the pressure was soon on Chris to come up with new looks for his little pal on the regular.

Photo Credit: Chris Newsome

Which is perhaps when he realized he’d been trained by an amphibian. An awfully cute one, thanks to his hapless new owner. 

Photo Credit: Chris Newsome

The dog, it would seem, had other opinions. 

Photo Credit: Chris Newsome

h/t: The Dodo

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