Man Opens a Can of Heinz Beanz to Find Just One Single Bean(z)

Image Credit: Twitter

Now, if you’re from the States, you might not believe a man went home looking forward to cooking the last can of Heinz Beanz in his cupboard.

Apparently, blokes across the pond enjoy a can of beanz for dinner now and again – and it was just what 41-year old lawyer Steve Smith fancied that night after a long day of work.

But inside the can was just a bunch of savory bean juice and one, lonely bean.

Luckily for Steve (and all of us), this happened in 2019 and not 1999, because at least instead of tossing the can and grumbling to himself, he could take his woes to Twitter.

He tweeted a video of his sad attempt at dinner, tagging Heinz before chucking the beans idea and making some eggs, instead.

Steve told The Independent, “I thought it was funny – but annoying. I thought they might see the funny side.”

The jury is out on whether or not Heinz found the incident even slightly amusing, but they did ask for details on the can and offer an apology.

An average can of Heinz Beanz, in case you were wondering, contains around 465 beanz.

Which is…a lot of beanz. Enough to fill you up, I guess!

Here’s hoping Steve’s eggs were just as delicious that night, and that a lifetime supply of beanz are on their way to Bristol, England, right now!