Man Starts Taking in Dogs No One Wants, Now Runs a Shelter with 750 Dogs

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I love a good, wholesome animal story, and this one certainly checks all the boxes.

In the city of Niš, Serbia, a man named Sasha Pesic has been running a shelter for dogs since 2008. Pesic originally came up with the plan for the sanctuary after he discovered four abandoned puppies on his way home from work one night. Pesic enlisted six volunteers and opened a shelter in Niš to feed and give dogs a home. He runs his shelter from contributions and donations from around the globe.

In addition to feeding and sheltering the dogs, Pesic sterilizes them, vaccinates them, and microchips them. Today, the shelter has roughly 750 dogs. Here’s a video of Pesic rescuing some abandoned pooches.

Pesic’s shelter has taken in about 1,200 dogs over the years, and roughly 400 of them have been adopted by people around the world. Pesic said, “I receive zero assistance from the government and some vets are actually charging me more than regular prices because they think I have a lot of money from donations. I’m all on my own and I cover the veterinary treatment and everything necessary out of donations and my own pocket.”

He added, “These dogs just need a little love, food and care, many come to the shelter sad and scared but in time their joy is returned.”

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Let’s take a look a video of Pesic’s shelter.

Finally, take a look at Sasha’s Patreon page and consider donating some of your money to this wonderful cause. I love this story!