“My V-Card Was a Pizza Coupon” – A Uniquely American Tale

Source: @AndrewBellinger on Twitter

Teaching sex education can be uncomfortable for both students and educators, but it’s an extremely valuable way to help young people make the right choices.

Of course, not all sex ed is created equal – especially in the United States.

Andrew Bellinger is a brave soul who tweeted about the laughable time when he signed a “virginity card” that was also redeemable for pizza. His thread went viral, sparking discussion and a whole lot of jokes.

This was a small document Bellinger signed in 2008. Notice that the coupon asks teens to make a pretty big commitment in exchange for some pizza.

Andrew then explained a bit more about the circumstances behind this pizza virginity coupon and some additional “educational” strategies he was exposed to a bit later.

Bellinger also tweeted some excerpts of the textbook used in class.

Bellinger received a lot of sarcastic responses because duh. Could you imagine being obligated to discuss your sex life (or lack thereof) with a stranger in order to redeem a coupon?


Some people shared their own stories about sex ed at school.


Still, most people had a sense of humor about the matter.

Someone managed to sneak in aΒ Clueless reference.


One person reminded Bellinger that it could always be worse.

Sex education helps people make better choices by giving them the knowledge to take care of their bodies – there is a lot of research that shows that quality sex ed is a very valuable tool for teens. Yes, laughing at these pizza coupons is easy, but the fact that it also doesn’t seem so far fetched means we need continued dialog on the matter.

Do you have anything you’d like to share about how sex education is conducted in the US or your home country? Sound off in the comments if you’d like to discuss.